Prelude To Space

As the technologies increasingly penetrate daily life up to the most intimate parts of it, how our perception of reality would change in the future?
Written in the late 1940s, Prelude to Space is a fiction novel in which Arthur Clarke envisions how Mankind first reached the Moon a few decades later.The text serves as a starting point for the exhibition, allowing the artists to reflect on how the human-space relationship has been expanded from the exploration of outer to virtual space.
In the same way, this shift from analogue to digital changes the perception of our body, which is no longer considered to be the isolated, autonomous self. Instead, it becomes immersed into data flows in which people and machines become part of a single intertwined system. 
Bringing together the artworks of 25 different artists whose practices span from video installation, animation, internet art to VR, Prelude to Space explores this new domain in which the digital becomes an integral part of the material world, influencing how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

Curated by: Yiwen Li, Jiayu Sun, Yueh-Ning Lee, Anastasia Chugunova
Features Artworks by: Adam Boyd, Frederika Dalwood, Yiwen Li, Akshay Bhoan, Marisa Di Monda, Sophie Rogers, Jiayu Sun, Ruilin Fu, Seungyeop Shin, Jo McGarry, Vivian y.L., Lucy Meeber, Zinong Zhang, W.U.D.S vs W.U.D.s., Leonie Kellein, Wenxuan Chen, Dangla, Stela Brix, Estefania B. Flores, Anouk Verviers, Chaney Diao, Songwon Han.

Installation view

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